IDEACRAFT the art of well-designed ideas

Sterling Hundley
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A course by Sterling Hundley

How to design pictures that speak louder than words.




  1. skill in shaping or constructing ideas.
  2. the art of well-designed ideas.

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Through Ideacraft, you will learn to design pictures that speak louder than words. From client brief to personal projects, you will learn different approaches to ideation that allow you to choose the right tool for the right project to amplify your voice.

I have a deep passion for the creative process and our ability to design the future we imagine. One great idea can change the course of the world. That idea might just live inside you.

I'm thrilled to see what you'll make.


  • a clear understanding of multiple ideation processes from concept to completion.
  • (12+) Dozens of exploratory sketches, thumbnails and related research
  • (9) Nine well-designed value studies for 3 separate projects refined from dozens of concepts
  • (3) Three media experiments
  • (1) One completed portfolio piece

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The six-week Ideacraft course is delivered to your email inbox three times each week. Lessons include articles, case studies, video lectures, media demonstrations and assignments. Ideacraft is an asynchronous course. You will be invited to connect with other students in the Discord forum. Feedback on your Major Assignments will be recorded and shared as paintovers.

*Orientation starts on Fridays with lessons following on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This gives students time to process lessons and complete assignments, as well as collaborate with other students in the Ideacraft community on Discord.

*Choose your preferred start date from the "Versions" listed at checkout. All sessions start on Fridays to coordinate the timed delivery of lessons, as well as student collaboration in Discord.


Learn how to leverage drama, value, composition, style and hierarchy to communicate your ideas. Most importantly, learn to build ideas that challenge others to Think Louder.

From rocket ships to rock stars, Ideacraft introduces ideation methods that I've used in collaborations with an array of clients including NASA, Rolling Stone, Luma Pictures, Marvel, Criterion Collection, New Yorker, United States Postal Service and Major League Baseball. These methods have been adopted by professionals, schools and educators across the world.

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From the launch of Ideation Lab over seven years ago, I've taught hundreds of creatives to Think Louder. Illustrators, designers, comic artists, directors, concept artists and animators have joined from all over the world to learn the art of well-designed ideas.

Ideacraft offers creative approaches to problem-solving that can be applied across an array of creative and non-creative industries, as well as professional and personal projects.

I've worked for over twenty years as a designer, illustrator, and creative investigator on projects from film to fashion, operating rooms to autonomous drones. As a Professor and Mentor, I've worked hard to uncover the logic behind the magic of art to guide students on their own path.

What's New?

Over the years, I've thought a lot about ideas and the role of creativity in designing the future we want to see. I'm deeply inspired by the creative process and I've discovered some interesting patterns along the way. Ideacraft expands on the original Ideation Lab and has been completely redesigned to further clarify the complex process of building novel ideas in a rapidly changing world. We need great ideas now more than ever.

New Videos. New Lessons. New Projects. New Design. New Ideas. New Case Studies. New Demonstrations. That's a lot of New. In addition, I've included some of the legacy content from the original Ideation Lab.

A few of the things I've been working on:

You can find more here.

Think Louder,


Join me on the Think Louder substack for additional writing, demonstrations and articles.

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I've built Ideacraft as a guide for building well-designed ideas. I truly hope that it helps you. If it isn't what you expected you have up to 15 days after your purchase to refund it no questions asked.

If you love it, I'd love to know that, too.

Last updated Oct 10, 2023

Ideacraft: the art of well-designed ideas is a 6-week video masterclass on ideation delivered directly to your inbox from Sterling Hundley. Lessons include articles on ideation, assignments, demonstration videos, case studies and course materials..

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IDEACRAFT the art of well-designed ideas

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