VOICE- Finding your personal voice in the artificial age

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A course by Sterling Hundley

How to find your personal VOICE in the artificial age.

VOICE is a six-week masterclass designed to help you find your distinct voice in the artificial age through the development of a small, focused body of work.

VOICE is delivered via email lessons, video lectures, assignments, and community engagement. This course builds on the system and lessons introduced in IDEACRAFT.

IDEACRAFT is a six-week master course on making pictures that speak louder than words.

*IDEACRAFT is not a prerequisite for VOICE.

Q: What is VOICE?

VOICE is the distinct creative fingerprint left behind on an artist’s work. We recognize it immediately when we see it, hear it, watch it and feel it. VOICE is the total sum of all the fundamental decisions that go into a creative work. The more authentic an artist’s approach to each step within the creative process, the more articulate the creative voice. 

Finding your voice is the hardest thing you will ever do as an artist. Most never find it. Illustrators and designers lose themselves to the expectations of client demands. VOICE teaches you to weave a thread of continuity between your creative practice and your personal ambitions.


Through VOICE, you will learn to identify the novelty and distinction in your creative work to uncover something personal and universal. In the world of art, your distinction is your currency and your personal voice is the culmination of all your creative decisions. Through the development of three projects, learn to shape your vision and intention. Finding your voice isn't about having the answers, it's about asking the right questions. So often, artists and designers lose themselves in the pursuit of making the client happy. VOICE teaches you to approach each new project, client and personal with a sense of purpose, focus and vision, swapping client demands for personal distinction.

I have a deep passion for the creative process and our ability to design the future we imagine. One great idea can change the course of the world. That idea might just live inside you.

I'm thrilled to see what you'll make.


Students are encouraged to frame their own projects and work on them through the Voice course. As an alternative, you will be provided industry industry-focused assignments

  • Clarity, vision and a framework for your body of work.
  • (3) Three completed portfolio pieces
  • (9) Nine well-designed value studies for 3 separate projects refined from dozens of concepts
  • (6) Six media experiments
  • Bonus- if you are ambitious (3) Three black and white spot illustrations


Voice lesson are delivered by email three times each week. Lessons include articles, case studies, video lectures, media demonstrations and assignments. You will be invited to connect with the Think Louder community through Discord.

You can take Voice two ways:

  1. Independent Study: You choose when the automated emails begin. They are designed around a three day schedule. If you start on Friday, you'll receive emails on M/W/F. If you start on a Saturday, lessons will arrive on T/Thr/Sa, etc. *Independent Study does not include access to critiques and feedback from instructor.
  2. With a team: Live + Recorded critique sessions. *Offered at different times throughout the year. Orientation starts on Fridays with lessons following on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This gives students time to process lessons and complete assignments, as well as collaborate with other students in the Think Louder community on Discord. Critique dates and times to be announced.


Build a framework to give clarity to your personal voice. As an illustrator, designer and Professor, I've developed a scalable system rooted in ideation and the scientific method that has allowed me to build a personal body of work within the limitations of client work including NASA, Rolling Stone, Luma Pictures, Criterion Collection, New Yorker, United States Postal Service and Major League Baseball.

These methods have been put into pracice by professionals, schools and educators around the world.


Take Voice as an Independent Study course at any time. See available schedules for Live sessions under the version options. If no LIVE version is liste, only Independent Study courses are available.

As a teacher, I'm dedicated to teaching artists the value of their voice and the world the value of artists. Know that I do not take your dreams lightly. I've put a great deal of thought and effort into the design of the Voice masterclass and I truly hope that it exceeds your expectations. I want nothing more than for you to find your unique, novel, distinct and powerful creative Voice.

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VOICE: A 6-week video masterclass on finding your personal voice in the artificial age.

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VOICE- Finding your personal voice in the artificial age

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